Local Offer

The Government is currently changing the system for children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) with the aim of ensuring that services consistently support the best outcomes for them.

The new SEN system will be from birth to 25 with the intention of giving children, young people and their parents greater control and choice in decisions and ensuring needs are properly met. It will:

  • replace the old special needs ‘statements’ with a new, birth to 25 years old, Education, Health and Care Plan
  • offer families personal budgets
  • improve cooperation between all the services that support children and their families, particularly requiring councils and health authorities to work together.

Each local council will have to produce a Local Offer for parents and carers of children with Special Educational Needs.

The purpose is to help parents understand what services they and their family can expect from a range of organisations.

Unlike a local school serving a small area Hamilton Lodge will be part of the Local Offer of many councils over a wide area (children currently come to us from over twenty different councils). This is because parents, pupils and councils recognise that the specialist care and education we provide is very valuable for deaf and hearing impaired children and young adults – regardless of where they live.

Councils will be asking us to provide information for their own Local Offer in different ways over the coming months and they will make that information available differently. Please use this page to find out the information we have been asked to provide for your area, though please bear in mind it will take some time for the councils to have all the information in place.

Important – Hamilton Lodge does NOT need to be part of your councils Local Offer for your child to be able to attend Hamilton Lodge – the Local Offer is only there to help you find out what services exist.

Is you area listed below? (currently we have students attending Hamilton Lodge from 20 different council areas so there are plenty more to be added below once we have the information from them)