Residential Houses

Our residential care is in four houses with boys and girls in different houses. Each house has several living areas and a kitchen. They are all very clean and friendly and maintained to a high standard. However, they are homely with art work on the walls and nice soft furnishings just like at home.

We have computers, x boxes, play-stations, televisions with DVD libraries, dance mats, and exercise equipment in the houses as well as a range of after school activities that our students can choose from each night which can be either off site or on.

Older students can cook for themselves and frequently enjoy preparing and eating their own food.

Some students share rooms and some if necessary have their own room. Students share with one or two students near their own age and can personalise their bedrooms. They can bring their own bed linen and put up their own pictures and posters on the wall.

Staff are on hand to care for the students, help with homework and ensure their safety and well-being at all times.


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