Leaving a gift in your will

For seventy years, following the vision and determination of Margaret McNab Taylor, our school has provided specialist education and care for deaf children from across the region and the country.
We have continued to evolve and adapt to new approaches, extended our provision to provide a college education and increased the opportunities for deaf young people to become independent, happy adults.
You can help us be here for the next generation by remembering Hamilton Lodge in your will – ensuring your commitment to generations of deaf children to come lives on.

How to leave a legacy

Your will says what will happen to your money, property and possessions after you die.
Your donation will either:

  • be taken off the value of your estate before Inheritance Tax is calculated
  • reduce your Inheritance Tax rate, if more than 10% of your estate is left to charity (this can actually increase the amount that your family inherit from your estate depending on the value of your estate).

You can donate:

  • a fixed amount
  • an item
  • what’s left after other gifts have been given out

You will need to ensure you use our full legal name and you can include our charity number:
Hamilton Lodge (Brighton) and charity no. 307066

Remember a charity

We are a member of Remember a Charity, an organisation which tries to encourage more people to leave a gift to a charity in their will. This organisation says:

“It’s a common myth that only the rich and famous leave money to charity when they die. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. The reality is that without gifts left in Wills by people like you, many of the charities we know and support wouldn’t even exist. Charitable legacies are the foundation for many good causes in the UK and are vital in continuing their work.

Thankfully 74% of the UK population support charities and when asked, 35% of people say they’d happily leave a gift in their Will once family and friends had been provided for.
The problem is only 7% actually do.
That’s why, if we all leave some money in our Wills for charity as well as our family, we can make a huge difference. In fact, just a 4% change in behaviour would generate an addition £1 billion for good causes in the UK every year.”

Who can help me make a will?

You can do this yourself, however, if you want to be sure that your will is interpreted as you wish them to be and to take full advantage of any tax relief for your family it can be good to get formal advice. There are certain lawyers who are deaf accessible and can use British Sign Language which you might find easier to express your wishes with and be sure that they fully understand what you intend to happen. These lawyers all say that they are deaf aware and have staff who can use British Sign Language. Owen Kenny is based in Chichester and therefore might be closer.




If you have further suggestions please let emma.daniel@hamiltonlsc.co.uk know and we can include them on our website.

Your gift can provide all the extras that really make a childhood.