Morgan passes first time!

We are so proud of Morgan H. who is the first FE student to pass both his Driving Theory test and his Practical Driving test first time! Congratulations Morgan, your hard work has paid off!

Here’s Morgan’s story in his words:

I’ve recently passed my driving test (practical) on my first try! I’ve been practising driving for less than a year. Before I learnt how to drive, I searched for a driving instructor that would be suitable for me because I am deaf, and found a woman who can sign a little! When she started teaching me, she immediately learnt sign language level 2 so I could easily understand her which is very beneficial for me! I learnt driving with her for nearly a year to gain my confidence and skills as it wasn’t very easy. I also practised driving with my parents.

On the driving test day, I felt so nervous! 3 days after my test was my birthday, therefore I hoped that I’d pass so it would be my early birthday present! Luckily my driving examiner was deaf aware and she asked me how we can communicate during the test? I  explained to ensure that she would use gesture (body language) and speak slowly because I’ve got a cochlear implant. Furthermore, my driving instructor sat in the back of car just in case I had trouble communicating with my examiner.

After the test, I got the result whether I had passed or failed. When I found out I passed,  I felt astonished and lost for words because most  young deaf people won’t pass on their first try.  I even passed with fewer faults than I’d expected.

It proves that deaf people can do anything and are able to face anything!  By Morgan H

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