Shoreham Dogs Trust Workshops

This week we had a very special visitor in school and FE. His name was Paddy, a dog from The Dogs Trust, who came with his owner Jo to teach us how to be safe around dogs. We learnt when it’s safe to approach a dog, when we should give dogs space, how to stroke them safely, and also what to do if we feel scared by a dog. Lots of us have dogs at home so we also talked about being resposible dog owners. Some of us even practised picking up a fake poo!

Remember these 3 important rules when you want to stroke a dog:

  1. Always ask the owner first
  2. Get the dog to sniff your hand first
  3. Ask where the dog likes to be stroked, then stroke gently.


Thank you Paddy and Jo for such a great visit, we learnt a lot!