The Connor Saunders Foundation Challenge

Daz Saunders came to assembly today to talk to us about her son, Connor. Connor died in 2012 after a single punch caused him to lose his balance and hit his head on the ground causing severe brain damage. We found out that Connor was an organ donor and he saved 5 other people through organ donation. His mum told us that she set up a foundation in Connor’s name to help his memory live on. She said Connor was always kind and wanted to help people and that the foundation lets him keep doing this even though he is not here anymore.


Through the foundation, Daz donates defibrillators to clubs and schools. We have received the 92nd defibrillator to be donated by Connor’s Foundation.

We were very grateful to Daz for coming in to assembly and talking to us about Connor and for donating the defibrillator. Daz said she hopes we never have to use it.

Daz asked us to sign up to Connor’s Challenge which is to always be kind. We all signed Connor’s banner to support this amazing challenge. Daz came to visit us with her fellow trustee Sandra Whittingham, who also works at Action for Hearing Loss.

You can find out more about the foundation and the challenge here:

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