Our curriculum.

What we offer.

We offer our learners (5-19) a modified and differentiated National Curriculum designed to ensure access and challenge, ultimately resulting in high levels of engagement with learning and sustained progress over time.

It has been designed and developed by qualified and highly experienced Teachers of the Deaf  and specialist Therapists specifically to meet the needs of learners with an identified primary need of Deafness (Mild, Moderate, Severe or Profound) and those learners with a range of comorbidities including additional Speech, Language, Communication, Social, Emotional and Interaction needs.

Why do we offer our modified curriculum?

Our curriculum offer has been designed to address the significant differences in the attainment of Deaf learners and their hearing peers by ensuring our Deaf learners have full and equal access to a curriculum that will allow them to:

  • access a curriculum that they will find challenging yet offer them access to success
  • develop a full language to support memory & learning
  • achieve their academic and vocational potential
  • be safe and confident in the modern world
  • have happy memories of their childhood and make lasting friendships
  • be healthy and resilient both physically and emotionally

As they prepare for their adulthood.

How we do this?

We have developed a comprehensive team of Educational and Therapeutic specialists (Our Offer) who work to establish the reality of each and build a curriculum that will meet all their unique needs. Our team of specialist Teachers and Therapists who will use a range of tools to establish each learners starting point with us.

Key to success is communication and to ensure we meet the needs of all learners We work within a communication continuum developed here at school that facilitates engagement.

Our curriculum is built around National Curriculum subjects, Hamilton Lodge developed curriculum: Deaf Studies, Independence and our SPACE programme. In addition we have strong, vibrant partnerships with a range of external colleges where we can offer our 6th form learners fully supported access to a range of externally accredited vocational courses as they prepare for their adulthood.

Unique programmes developed specifically for learners at Hamilton Lodge are integrated into our curriculum offer:

Assessment and Progress.

We use a range of assessment processes to ensure we are monitoring progress overtime.

Baseline assessment:  is used to establish where a new learner is with their learning and their ability to engage with learning.

Assessment for learning: Is used by classroom teachers to highlight small steps of progress in the classroom and next steps in learning.

Assessment of learning: We currently use National Curriculum statements and Key Performance Indicators to report on progress. We record these conclusions using classroom monitor.

Pathways to Adulthood at Hamilton Lodge.

Impact of our curriculum.

The curriculum we offer leads to positive outcomes for all our learners in line with their aspirations. Graph below shows destinations for last academic year.

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