In the FE department, students aged 16-19 follow a broad range of courses and can choose these from our partner colleges; City College, Brighton and, Plumpton College. With our partner colleges we offer a range of courses and accreditations from Entry Level up to level 3. Their entry requirements are dependent upon the courses applied for. All their course information is available on their websites.

Our teachers help with course specific vocabulary







Staff at HLSC will be in contact with the college staff to help support students with their work. Students will have support with college work, assignments, practicals and English and maths.

At college students will have a Student Support Worker (SSW) who will be with them in lessons. The SSWs send information to the staff at Hamilton Lodge electronically to tell them what has been covered in lessons and what additional support is needed.

In addition, our teachers of the Deaf liaise directly with the course tutors to ensure students are fully supported across all aspects of their courses.

College students have their own common room to socialise in and make drinks and snacks in.

College students live more independently and are encouraged to cook together.