Developing Communication & Language

LiteracyWe take a Child Centred Communication approach at Hamilton Lodge and we support the development of both English and British Sign Language. We want pupils to leave our education able to communicate confidently in both the hearing and deaf communities.

Some of our pupils have developed very little language on arrival at Hamilton Lodge and they are given support in accessing English via the Speech and Language therapy team as well as within their English lessons. Literacy is fully supported across all aspects of the curriculum.

Pupils also get Sign Therapy which has been developed by Deaf Studies and BSL teacher, Sam Caiels. This therapy enables pupils to develop their sign language skills and focus on individual needs. This intensive support means that we can see positive results in learning, communication and, behaviour improvement with pupils who have fallen behind in other settings.

Pupils are supported in looking after their hearing aids and implants via our audiology service and care staff.

NDCS Information on Speech and Language Therapy for Parents

NDCS video guides on how to look after hearing aids for Parents