How to enrol your child

Child on the beachChildren, aged 5- 19 years, can come to Hamilton Lodge as day pupils or weekly boarders.

Children eligible to attend Hamilton Lodge will have a SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) statement or a new EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan). They are funded by their local authority.

This government website explains how to access the right help in your local authority area:

Gov.Uk Child with special educational needs 

There are also specialist support services for parents of children with disabilities in many local authority authority areas. For parents of deaf children the NDCS will be able to provide information on your local groups:

NDCS Family Support

Most of our students come from counties in the South East of England but we are available to children across England and Wales.

We work collaboratively with Local Authorities and parents/carers to ensure that our school is the best fit for the child before any decision is made and that we can provide a safe, enjoyable childhood and a full education they can access.