Deaf Studies & British Sign Language


Deaf Studies & BSL is taught by two deaf teachers with a combined experience of 20 years. The Teachers have qualifications ranging up to BSL NVQ Level 6 and jointly are able to deliver BSL courses for Level 1, 2 and 3, as well as holding the Assessor’s qualification to assess candidates up to BSL Level 3 standard.

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Samantha Caiels, Senior BSL tutor & coordinator
Samantha Caiels, Senior BSL tutor & coordinator
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Alison Rogers, BSL tutor
Alison Rogers, BSL tutor

Deaf Studies

At HLSC we believe every child has the right to access communication and language of their choice and is able to accept their deaf identity and develop into a positive, confident young adult, empowered to continue into further education or employment and contribute fully to society.

We combine the National Deaf Studies Curriculum and our own scheme of work to cover different aspects of the Deaf world. We teach 6 units covering:

  • Communication – to develop an awareness of the different ways in which Deaf people communicate with hearing people. We encourage children to utilise a range of strategies such as speech, signing, writing, texting, etc.
  • Deaf Identity – to develop a positive self-image and sense of identity as a young Deaf person, through a variety of teaching methods including using successful Deaf people as role models
  • Deaf History – to learn about famous Deaf people and events in the Deaf world and to look for similarities and differences between the lives of Deaf people past and present
  • Communication Technology – to recognise and learn the skills needed to use technical aids for communication
  • Deaf Community & Culture – to learn about the Deaf community and culture of the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Social Change – identify how Deaf people’s position in society has changed through history

British Sign Language

We believe that every Deaf child has the right to access the language used by the signing Deaf community in the UK. BSL is the most accessible of all communication methods whereby deaf, hearing and hard of hearing people can all communicate effectively and clearly and we therefore offer BSL lessons for every pupil and student. The pupils/students not only develop their linguistic and language skills in BSL, but also learn invaluable methods to adapt their communication and signing skills to everyday situations and for communicating with non-sign language users in a confident manner.

We aim for the pupils/students to achieve up to Level 3 in BSL and this gives them a qualification equivalent to GCSE, using “Signature” a national body accredited by the Office of Qualifications and Examination Regulations (Ofqual).

Hamilton Lodge is unique in offering 1 to 1 sign therapy, to help pupils hone and develop their linguistic skills in BSL, to be able to express themselves articulately.