Design and Technology


Silvia Trabucchi teaches Food Technology and Child Care
Silvia Trabucchi teaches Food Technology and Child Care
Matthew King teaches Motor Vehicle Studies and Resistant Materials

Subject content

All areas of DT are taught by highly qualified secondary subject specialists. The coordinator is a Teacher of the Deaf and all staff use a range of communication methods i.e. BSL, SSE and English in the delivery of lessons depending on pupil need.

All pupils have a double lesson every week of Food Technology and Resistant Materials from Year 7 to Year 11.  In addition pupils are allowed to take an option subject at Key Stage 4 of Motor Vehicle Studies or Childcare.

Pupils are offered a range of qualifications: GCSE, Entry Level or Awards.

Lessons are conducted in dedicated, highly resourced workshops.

Many children will go on to related courses at college thereby helping them for future employment but also gaining valuable life skills.