English is taught by three qualified Teachers of the Deaf across the school. Their signing qualifications range from Signature level 2 to level 6.


Subject content

We offer personalised programmes of study for pupils to develop their understanding of the grammar of English through a range of activities. English teachers work closely with the Specialist Speech & Language Therapist, Hilary Dumbrill, to devise half termly areas of focus to target individual progress. In addition, some pupils follow individual programmes with the Speech & Language Therapy Assistant, Liz Osborne.

Individual literacy support is a key aspect of the pupils’ development and understanding of how English works.

Pupils also follow the requirements of the National Curriculum and study a range of texts including A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Lord of the Flies and A Christmas Carol. Pupils also have the opportunity to study a range of non-fiction texts and media sources.

Pupils benefit from a range of teaching experiences including individual, paired and group work incorporating discussion and debate. In addition to this, there are many teaching strategies that can be used including role-play and drama as well as opportunities for collaborative working. Teaching Assistants are an essential part of facilitating group work and form an important aspect of support within the English department.