Neil Inman
Neil Inman


Neil Inman is the ITC and Computing Coordinator.

Subject content

Our ICT curriculum aims to help students understand the ever growing world of ICT and digital technology.  Throughout Key Stage 3 & Key Stage 4, students develop their knowledge of existing technological developments, current emerging technologies and how to create and influence future digital technology. The different areas of study include:

  • E-Safety (social network sites, cyber bulling, staying safe)
  • Spreadsheets (organising data, formatting it, using formulae)
  • Using Information (how to search for information online and how to check if it’s suitable and reliable)
  • Desktop Publishing (designing a magazine cover)
  • Databases (adding, editing and deleting data from records)
  • Presentation skills through digital media
  • Email (learning how email is used effectively)
  • Publications (designing documents)
  • File Management (learning how to keep files safe and secure)
  • Sequencing Instructions for computers (using LOGO)
  • Computer programming & game design skills (using Scratch & Coco)
  • Impact of ICT on society

Time will be spent exploring ICT with the use of a range of common ICT tools for communication, content creation, control and the application of ICT to everyday personal, social, creative and business situations. Students will be getting to grips with application of digital skills so that they are able to make informed and sensible choices about when and how they should be using ICT, as well as selecting an appropriate tool for the job.

Most of the learning takes place in school with ample opportunities to develop skills further through homework and on site activities.


Desks that can hide screens for group discussion time