Dave Dunlin
Dave Dunlin


Maths is taught by a qualified Teacher of the Deaf across the school. Mr Dunlin is profoundly Deaf and his first language is BSL. He is also a qualified IV and assessor for Level 1 – Level 6 BSL.

Subject content

In the Mathematics department we aim to offer a personalised programme of study for all pupils to understand all aspects of mathematics. All pupils are encouraged to work to the best of their ability.

We offer varying qualifications depending on the pupil’s ability. Key Stage 4 pupils are offered GCSE, Functional Skill or Entry Level qualification from the OCR exam body. We also offer AQA’s Awards Unit; this is more practical, real-life maths. It could be possible for a pupil to sit one or more of these qualifications.  Pupils follow the National Curriculum in Key Stage 3, which includes numbers, algebra, shape, space and measure and handling data.

We have various strategies for teaching the pupils and we aim differentiate to match their varying needs. The more able mathematicians are offered extended work, whilst those who find concepts more difficult are offered extra support. We believe in making the subject visual and hands-on so use different tools to aid their understanding, including the Smartboard, games and maths computer software.  Pupils benefit from individual, paired and group work. Teaching Assistants are an essential part of facilitating group work and form an important aspect of support within the Maths department.