Science is taught by Ms Rosie Francis.

Ms Francis is a qualified Science teacher with 14 years teaching experience ranging from Primary to A’ Level and has Level 2 signing. Ms. Francis is currently studying for a MA in Deaf Education and is on a pre-level 3 signing course.


Subject content

The aims of the Science curriculum at HLS are broad. As well as a focus on widening pupil’s subject knowledge and vocabulary, Science lessons at HLS also aim to assist pupils towards;

A better understanding of themselves and the world around them, an improvement in cooperation and communication skills, an ability to solve problems and think scientifically and the development of attitudes and social skills which are required for good personal and social relationships. Self confidence and self reliance are developed throughout the science curriculum at HLS.

The KS3 Science scheme of work is a flexible modular course which follows the targets and objectives set by the National Curriculum. All pupils cover the same Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics but the work is individualised to each pupil’s needs and abilities. This allows for all pupils to be involved in class discussions and activities.

At KS4 pupils study either Entry Level Certificates in Science or AQA Unit Award Schemes depending on their level of ability. The option to study for GCSE Science is also available.

Within the Science lessons pupils benefit from a range of teaching experiences including individual, paired and group work, demonstrations, practical experiments, virtual on-line experiments, signed and subtitled TV programmes, role-play, drama, use of our garden outdoor learning area and visits to relevant museums and places of interest.

Teaching Assistants are an essential part of the Science teaching team, most Science lessons are supported by a Teaching Assistant. This allows those pupils who have a significantly different learning pace from others to have the extra support they need.  It also means that all pupils receive extra practical help, vocabulary and literacy support and enjoy a greater amount of staff attention and assistance.