Transition Challenge

Fiona Higgs
Fiona Higgs


Fiona Higgs, the coordinator of this subject, is a qualified teacher of the deaf.

Subject content

Transition Challenge is a nationally recognised course for KS4 students and is designed to provide opportunities to learn useful skills by practising small steps that can be put together to carry out a bigger task.  The overall aim is to help pupils towards independence.

There are five modules:

  • Knowing How
  • Making Choices
  • Feeling Good
  • Moving On
  • Taking the Lead

Within each module there are 14 cross-curricular challenges of which 8 must be undertaken and completed.

Much time will be spent practising basic skills necessary for daily life.  Many of these skills will take place in school time with further practise in the evenings and at weekends, as and when appropriate.  On some weeks we take trips out into our local community to undertake tasks such as shopping, physical activities, community awareness and getting around by foot and public transport.  Additionally students will undertake tasks to assist different groups within the community of Hamilton Lodge and take part in activities designed to improve the school environment.

Assessment for the course initially takes place at school and is evidence based.  Each of the students will have a folder in which to store drawings, photographs and writing to show their achievements.  The folders are taken to a moderation meeting at the end of the course for outside moderation.   After successful moderation each pupil will receive a certificate from the ASDAN exam board.